Title SM Title My name is Kim and I have been piercing for a long time...since 1996. I began with an intensive course on health and safety put on by "The Gauntlet" in SanFrancisco in October of 1995, and I continue to educate myself by attending the Association Of Professional Piercers annual conference and exhibition. Each year I add several hours and tons of information to my education. Although I am not a member of this association, I do follow their practices and procedures to insure a safe piercing and/or surface anchor.

Piercing is done on a walk in basis, but appointments can be arranged if needed. A photo I.D. is needed to receive a piercing, and anchors are only done on clients 18 years or older. I will pierce minors 14 years and older with a parent present, and both must have a photo I.D. If the last names are different, documentation to show the name change is also needed.

I can do any piercing/anchor that your anatomy will allow. That said, there are lots of piercing you may see on You Tube that I won't do...I like to keep it safe. I am very picky about the jewelry I buy and put into initial piercings, so I only use "Industrial Strength" and "Anatometal" made here in California!

However, I will be happy to help insert whatever you want after the piercing is healed. Be aware that metal content is very important to the healing of your piercing, so use high quality "Made in the USA" jewelry until complete healing has occured. Do not accept anything less than the best and you will have fewer healing problems.

For my hours please call for availability.